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                  About Ping An

                  Sustainability Commitment and Model

                  Ping An aims to bring positive impacts to the society through finance and technology, and create value for shareholders, customers, employees, communities and environment, and partners, simultaneously achieve sustainability for both the company and stakeholders

                  Sustainability Commitment

                  Ping An adheres to the philosophy that “expertise creates value.” Driven by “finance + technology,” we join hands with all stakeholders through our five ecosystems to support a green environment, a harmonious society, and a sustainable economy.


                  Ping An Sustainability Model

                  • 商业价值

                    Economic Impact

                    “Expertise creates value” is the core value on which we base our sustainable development strategy. We continuously impact society under our professional business models.

                  • 环境影响

                    Environmental Impact

                    Ping An Group responds to global warming by reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption. We strive toward environmental sustainability through low-carbon businesses and green operations.

                  • 社区影响

                    Social Impact

                    Ping An is committed to building a harmonious and fair society, and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through diverse businesses. Ping An has also followed the national strategy of targeted poverty alleviation by implementing the Ping An Rural Communities Support to contribute to rural vitalization and realization of the Chinese Dream.

                  • 企业治理

                    Corporate Governance

                    Ping An Group vows to protect the interests of our shareholder and ensure mutual benefit for all other stakeholders with high standard of corporate governance.Ping An continues to increase internal supervision, eliminate any form of corruption and bribery, advocate fairness, respect rights and diversity, and manage responsible product in the whole life cycle.