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                  As of July 14, 2020

                  Senior Management

                  For the work experience and concurrent positions of Mr. Ma Mingzhe, Mr. Xie Yonglin, Ms. Tan Sin Yin, Mr. Yao Jason Bo and Ms. Cai Fangfang, please refer to “Directors”.

                  As of February 20, 2020

                  The Executive Committee

                  The Company has established an Executive Committee, which is the highest execution authority under the Board. The primary duty of the Executive Committee is to review the Company’s internal business reports, the Company’s policies in relation to investment and profit distribution and the Company’s management policies, development plans and resource allocation plans. The Executive Committee is also responsible for making management decisions in relation to matters such as material development strategies, compliance risk management, capital allocation, synergy and brand management. In addition, the Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing the business plans of the subsidiaries of the Company and evaluating the subsidiaries’ financial performance. The Company has also established several management committees under the Executive Committee, including the Risk Management Executive Committee, the Investment Management Committee, the Investor Relations and ESG Committee and the Technology Development Committee.