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                  Share Profile (As of 31 December 2019)

                  Number of SharesApproximate percentage of issued share capital
                  A Shares10,832,664,49859.26 %
                  H Shares7,447,576,91240.74 %
                  Total Shares18,280,241,410100.00 %

                  Major Events about Shares (As of 31 December 2019)

                  2015-7-27By way of conversion of capital reserve of the Company on the basis of 10 Bonus Shares for every 10 existing Shares based on its total share capital of 9,140,120,705 Shares, issued a total of 9,140,120,705 Bonus Shares+9,140,120,70518,280,241,410
                  2015-1-9A total of RMB25,965,569,000 of A share convertible corporate bonds were converted into 629,922,613 A shares+629,922,6139,140,120,705
                  2014-12-9594,056,000 of new H shares were issued under the Gerneral Mandate+ 594,056,0008,510,272,352
                  2011-6-17272,000,000 of new H shares were issued to JINJUN LIMITED by the Company+ 272,000,0007,916,142,092
                  2010-5-6299088,758 of new H shares were issued to NEWBRIDGE by the Company+ 299,088,7587,644,142,092
                  2007-3-11,150,000,000 A shares of par value RMB1.00 each were issued at RMB33.8 each for a total cash consideration, before issue expenses, of RMB38.87 billion through an initial public offering+ 1,150,000,0007,345,053,334
                  2004-6-241,261,720,000 ordinary shares of par value RMB1 each were issued at HKD10.33 (equivalent to approximately RMB10.96) each for a total cash consideration, before issue expenses, of RMB13,826 million through an initial public offering+ 1,261,720,0006,195,053,334
                  2003-11-26Our Company was authorized by the CIRC to conduct a capitalization issue, pursuant to which, RMB2,466,666,667 in the Company's capital reserve was capitalized and 2,466,666,667 Shares were issued and allotted to the shareholders of our Company on the basis of ten new shares to ten existing shares. After the capitalization issue, the registered capital of our Company became RMB4,933,333,334, divided into 4,933,333,334 Shares+ 2,466,666,6674,933,333,334
                  2003-1-9Our Registered capital was further increased from RMB2,220,000,000 to RMB2,466,666,667+ 246,666,6672,466,666,667
                  2001-9-30Our Registered capital was increased from RMB1,500,000,000 to RMB2,220,000,000+ 720,000,0002,220,000,000
                  1997-1-16Our Company was established as a joint stock limited company in the PRC, and our Company's initial registered capital was RMB1,500,000,000,divided into 1,500,000,000 Shares of par value RMB1.00 each-1,500,000,000