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                  Brand Philosophy



                  Ping An is aimed at creating a new logo integrating both the traditional Chinese culture and the modern brand concept. For the design of the new logo, Ping An adopts the philosophy of “iron fist in a velvet glove” in the traditional Chinese culture, and follows the international brand design trend towards simplicity and vividness, which not only keeps the tradition alive but also keeps up with the modern fashion.

                  The equilateral triangle of letter A is reminiscent of cottages in a variety of styles both at home and abroad, displaying the image of care, love and family. For the green box, the green stands for life, vigor and vitality; and the box conveys a sense of family, and coincides with the shape of the old Chinese coin (square-holed money), symbolizing wealth and treasure. With love, wealth and treasure being kept at home, people feel reassured, sitting at home and enjoying peace and happiness.

                  Through the design of the brand name and logo, as well as the literal and visual expression, Ping An of China would like to voice its corporate mission of being accountable to shareholders, customers, employees and communities, and highlight its efforts to become the preferred integrated financial group incorporating insurance, banking and investment services for modern Chinese.

                  Expertise Makes Life Easier

                  Ping An strives to become a world-leading personal financial services provider by following the concept of “Driven By Technology, Finance Can Serve Life Better” to concurrently promote the development of its core finance business and Internet finance business, to create brand experience of “Expertise Makes Life Easier” for customers, to gain sustained growth in profits and to provide long-term and stable returns to its shareholders.

                  For the core finance business, Ping An actively promotes its “One Customer, One Account, Multiple Products, and One-Stop Service” model; as for its Internet finance business, the Group weaves financial services into the very fabric of everyday life, spanning areas such as “health, food, housing, transportation and entertainment”, and gradually realizes synergies with its core finance business.

                  By following its philosophy of “Expertise Creates Value”, in addition to creating value for its shareholders, employees and customers, Ping An actively fulfills its commitment to the corporate social responsibility, pursuing win-win cooperation and progressing in step with all stakeholders. The Group continues to step up its efforts in major disaster relief, the environment, education, the Red Cross, communities and other worthy causes.